Challenging Unemployment: Young Walaa Enters the World of Phone Maintenance

Challenging Unemployment: Young Walaa Enters the World of Phone Maintenance
Challenging Unemployment: Young Walaa Enters the World of Phone Maintenance

Inside her modest home, Palestinian Walaa Abu Hammad sits at the table to start repairing and maintaining mobile phones in Gaza City. She says that she works in the profession of phone maintenance and training in the same field, after completing her professional studies.

The girl finished her university studies in financial and banking sciences and did not find an opportunity to work, so she resorted to studying the professional field, specifically phone maintenance, to find that she became a support for many girls in the Gaza Strip.

Abu Hammad pointed out that technology has largely controlled everyone, and no home without phones may break down at any moment and need maintenance.

Her work as a girl in repairing phones helped many girls to take the initiative to maintain their phones instead of buying a new phone to preserve privacy, according to her, and explained: "Women's phones often contain much privacy, and when their phones break down, they are afraid to go to a maintenance technician, because of many fears."

According to Abu Hammad, there are rarely girls working in the profession of phone maintenance, which is why she believes that her project has met with great success, and a continuous demand by girls, while her work is not limited to repairing girls' phones, but also young people, as many resorts to her because of her excellence in training in the same field.

As for the obstacles she faces, she said that she works from inside the house, so she has to travel distances to meet customers instead of receiving her at home, adding, "Because my project is modest until this moment, I do not have all the repair tools and spare parts, after inspecting each device, I go to the competent stores to buy supplies."

The profession of phone maintenance requires many devices such as a screen removal machine, maintenance forceps, tin, and other equipment that is considered expensive, and repairing them requires a high financial cost, according to Abu Hammad.

She indicated that she needs much of the necessary equipment in the maintenance workshop, but the financial situation prevents her from providing all the requirements for work, in addition to the ongoing Israeli blockade on the Gaza Strip, which prevents some devices from entering this field.

In addition, power outages cause many difficulties for them to continue their work, due to power outages for continuous hours during the day, disruption of work, and sometimes delayed delivery.

Abu Hammad hopes to open her shop to repair phones and receive customers directly to facilitate and expand work and employ several girls in the same profession.