About Us

About Us

A Palestinian independent platform for serious and responsible journalism, concerned with anecdotal narrative, communicating people's realities, investigating violations against them, and expressing their hopes through human story, investigative investigation and data journalism.

The "latest story" sides with the public and is interested in covering their issues using all electronic tools, away from profitable goals, based on its social responsibility, its philosophy of promoting the principles of transparency, integrity values and combating corruption in society. "The last story" seeks to be an incubator of the journalism of depth, which is based on evidence and proof with an interest in the human side, based on its motto: "Humanity leads for depth and truth."

"Last Story" is a site that stands at a single distance from all sides, siding only with civil rights and social justice, against racism, sectarianism, violence, incitement and hate speech.

The ethical standards that govern our work in the "latest story" are based on a common understanding of our rights and duties, as we adhere to the five core standards of the Ethical Journalism Network: First, accuracy in the transmission of information, second, autonomy, third, impartiality with different perspectives and presentation of news without prejudice to its public context, fourth, humanity in dealing with sensitive issues, fifth, taking responsibility and correcting errors as they occur.

Under the intersection of the Platform's vision with leading Palestinian and Arab institutions, in the following areas: information - women - persons with disabilities - education, the "latest story" enjoys a set of partnership agreements that promote sustainable development goals.